About Raquel


I want more freedom in my life

I love working hard at my job! Skin, waxing, & lashing I am passionate about and with some hard work, comes need of some breaks in life. I knew if I worked hard enough, I could reach my goals to go more places in the world, see my family more often, and other goals of mine would be achieved. When you support a small business, you’re not just supporting a business, but you’re supporting a dream, and goals that are important to me!!!

Spa Raquel has been open since February 2017. I rent out my own spa room located inside Sola Salon Studios in Mill Creek. I wanted to become an esthetician because I personally care about making people feel good about themselves. Also, growing up I loved to play around with eyebrows & makeup. Skin was so interesting to me as well! I graduated esthetician school in 2013 at Evergreen Beauty College. After I began my journey through out school, I worked at a Spa for about 4 years. I learned a ton and got a lot of hands on practice with women and men. As I continued growing in this field, I always wondered what will be my next step? As I thought about it for months, I knew I was a driven individual who wanted to make a difference in peoples lives and I had to many ideas to hold in my head. So I decided to open up Spa Raquel. It has been the best descision ever made! I love seeing people, talking to people, and helping with beauty needs/making a difference.

I am here to give advice and my knowledge to all my guests.

Spa Raquel is a relaxing enviorment for my guests. I chose the theme to be more earthy and zen because when out in nature, I feel most at peace. Personally, I feel like that goes along with many people of this world. I want my guests leaving happy and relaxed. As my buisness grows, I'm open minded to offering more and more services. I want to keep my buisness exciting for my guests and something to look foward to.