Care for your lash extensions and get better retention

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Let me ask you this…. why get lashes if you aren’t going to take care of them?!?!

What are the top things you should be doing when taking care of your lash extensions?

  1. Washing

  2. Brushing with a dry mascara wand every day, also brushing right out of the shower.

  3. Do not use any oily face or eye products

  4. Sleeping with your eye mask on (find if you keep scrolling)

    5. Do not take any Biotin pills, this will make your lashes shed like crazy

    6. Try to avoid eye makeup as much as possible

Listed below, are current steps and products my clients are using for the best results!

  1. WASHING: I would highly recommend a cleanser specifically for your lash extensions. (There are a ton to choose from but I like more gentle ingredients in lash cleansers). I would recommend to only use a soft brush or a soft blending eye makeup brush in downward motions. I would cleanse every day if you’re wearing a lot of makeup, and every other day at least. Although, I would try to avoid eye makeup as much as possible with lash extensions!

Actual cleanser my clients have been using for the best given results in having their lashes last longer, even comes with a soft brush!

2. RINSING: I would say the best way to rinse your lashes is to fill up a squeeze nozzle bottle with DISTILLED WATER, and gently use the tip and drizzle carefully over lashes! This technique is really nice because it can get in between your lashes!

NEXT: Pat them dry with a paper towel or a wash cloth, be careful to pat dry not rub dry!

A lot of people like to take their mascara wand and brush them while having a mini fan fanning there lashes! You can also air dry, but fanning dries them much quicker!

I gathered in the following links my favorite wands and lash fan!

Sleep good, but carefully!

Ever notice when you sleep with your lash extensions you feel your lashes getting smashed in the pillow or you have to struggle to carefully sleep with them?

I would try to sleep as much as possible on your back! Lets be real though, there’s a lot of people, including me that like to sleep on their sides!

I have an easy solution that will help with your retention and even relieve your anxiety about sleeping on them super carefully!

It’s called an “eye sleep mask”, but I like the term, “Eye Bra” better! Ha, it has plenty of space for you to open your eyes and look around! You don’t have to worry about your lashes getting all smashed or bent out of shape!:)

DO NOT USE MASCARA ON YOUR LASHES: If you use mascara on your lashes, it’s harder to clean because it clings to the lash extension, causing retention problems! Extensions do best if you try to keep it to a minimal with face and eye makeup around your eyes.

I hope this was all useful information for you guys and can’t wait to post more about different topics!